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The Best
Privacy Wallet

Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency wallet for the Aleo blockchain using
Zero Knowledge Proofs.


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Privacy hold

Privately Hold and Transact Crypto

Fully encrypted and private transactions by default.

privavy mode

Privacy Made

Explore a privacy-first network with a familiar, user-friendly crypto interface.

Cutting-edge Encryption

Cutting-edge  Encryption

Harness the power of revolutionary Zero-Knowledge Proof encryption, designed to operate locally within your browser for optimal security.

your data your control

Your Data
Your Control

Convert any asset between private and public with the click of a button, giving you ultimate control.

Our Wallet

Unparalleled Crypto Privacy

Explore the realm of private transactions with a seamless blend of cutting-edge encryption and an intuitive user interface. Safeguard your digital assets like never before and enjoy unparalleled privacy in your transactions.

why choose us

Why switch to a ZK Privacy network?

Ethereum programmability and Zcash privacy, all in one chain.

Layered Security
Inclusive Privacy

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