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Leo Wallet is a pioneering endeavor developed by Demox Labs. Standing at the forefront of private crypto transactions, our wallet embodies the epitome of privacy in today's digital age.

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Our Mission

We empower enterprises and individuals to take back control of their data. Our products allow others to tap into the full potential of Zero-Knowledge Proofs, revolutionizing privacy and data management.

Personal privacy and sovereignty are cornerstones to any democracy. Today, citizens across the world are losing their privacy in order to comply with necessary laws and regulations. Moreover, modern technologies require personalization but this personalization has come with the cost of sacrificing personal privacy. Leo Wallet is just one example of how Zero Knowledge Proofs will empower individuals to use modern technologies and maintain legal and regulatory compliance without sacrificing personal privacy.

We’re eager to bring this much-needed level of privacy to blockchain infrastructure, starting with Leo Wallet. Sharing sensitive data will soon become an option, not a requirement, and businesses in highly regulated industries will be able to innovate while maintaining the privacy of their customers.

Barron Caster
Co-Founder/CEO at Demox Labs
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We are lucky to be supported by an incredible group of investors.

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