September 19, 2023
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Aleo Faucet: How to Receive Aleo Credits with Leo Wallet

Aleo Faucet: How to Receive Aleo Credits with Leo Wallet

How to Get Aleo Testnet3 Credits from Leo Wallet's Discord Faucet

Leo Wallet's Aleo Testnet3 Credits Faucet provides an essential service for community members eager to test decentralized applications (dApps) or deploy their own Aleo programs. Here's a simple guide to help you obtain these credits.

Step-by-Step Guide for Obtaining Credits:

1. Join the Leo Wallet Discord Server:

First, join the Leo Wallet official Discord server and get verified to access the Faucet Channel.

2. Navigate to the Faucet Channel:

Locate the Faucet Channel within the Discord server, which is dedicated to the distribution of credits.

3. Request Credits:

Click on the “Request Faucet” button in the Faucet Channel to initiate your request for credits.

4. Complete the Request Form:

A form will appear asking for your unique Aleo address. Copy your Aleo address from your Leo Wallet account and paste it in this field.

5. Receive Your Credits:

After submitting the form, expect a public transfer of 15 Credits to your provided address. If the credits don’t show up immediately, allow a few minutes for the transaction to process.

Additional Information and Guidelines:

Cooldown Period for Additional Credits:

If you need more credits, be aware that there is a 2-hour cooldown period associated with your Discord account to ensure fair distribution.

Requesting Additional Credits for Special Cases:

For situations requiring more credits, like deploying a complex program, you can request additional credits by opening a support ticket on the Discord server and detailing your needs.

Global Limit of Credits:

The server enforces a global limit of 3000 credits distributed among members, reset every hour. This ensures that credits are available to a wide range of users.

Purpose of the Credits:

All credits from the Faucet are solely for testing purposes and do not possess any real-world monetary value.