June 1, 2023
Barron Caster

Demox Labs Raises $4.5M to Advance Zero-Knowledge Proof Infrastructure

Demox Labs Raises $4.5M to Advance Zero-Knowledge Proof Infrastructure

We are excited to announce that Demox Labs has secured $4.5M in seed funding. This funding round, led by HackVC with participation from several other mission-aligned investors, will help us continue to build on our pioneering work in zero-knowledge proof (ZK) privacy infrastructure and applications.

Our mission at Demox Labs is to create a future where individuals and enterprises have full control over their data. With zero-knowledge proof technology, we aim to make this vision a reality. We believe in a world where you share only what you want, when you want.

Zero-Knowledge: A Future of Privacy

As it stands, zero-knowledge proof technology is still in its infancy. It's an area filled with untapped potential and we're on a mission to uncover it. We're investing in the development of crucial components to help this technology reach its full potential, and are excited to build a privacy-focused future together with our community and partners.

Launching Leo Wallet

As part of our ongoing efforts to leverage ZK technology, we're proud to introduce our first product: the Leo Wallet. This non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet uses ZK blockchains, starting with Aleo, to provide users with unprecedented levels of privacy and control over their transactions. With 15,000 users and scaling quickly, we are excited to help developers and users tap into the benefits of this technology.  

The Leo Wallet represents a significant step forward in the application of ZK proofs. By combining secure blockchain technology with the privacy features inherent in zero-knowledge proofs, we are confident that Leo Wallet will change the way people transact, communicate, and manage their data.

In the News

Our vision and the news about the Leo Wallet launch have already started to make waves in the media. We're delighted to have had the opportunity to share our story with Brady Dale from Axios. You can check out the full story here.

We've also announced our funding round and the Leo Wallet launch on PR Newswire. For more information about the exciting developments at Demox Labs, take a look at the post here.

Join Us in Building the Future of Privacy

With this fresh infusion of capital, we're now ready to take our mission to the next level. If you’re excited by the potential of zero-knowledge proof technology and want to be part of building the future of privacy, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us - together, we can make a difference.

We are immensely grateful to our investors for sharing in our vision and to everyone who has supported us along this journey. We're just getting started, and we're excited about what's to come