October 10, 2022
Barron Caster

Introducing Leo Wallet for Aleo

Introducing Leo Wallet for Aleo

We are excited to introduce Leo, the top privacy-preserving wallet for Aleo.


Aleo is the first of it’s kind — a privacy-focused blockchain enabled by zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). Aleo uses ZKPs to allow for scalable and private payments in addition to having a full smart contract platform.


Leo will be the top destination to perform any action on the Aleo blockchain: sending/receiving tokens, staking, trading, gaming, and more will be either natively enabled through the wallet or enabled through dApp partners. We also have an SDK for seamless integrations for builders who want to reach more Aleo users. We will continue to add functionality to deeply integrate with privacy-focused dApps to expand the Aleo ecosystem.

Sign up on our waitlist for early access: https://join.leo.app/signup


We are a team of builders who have founded, scaled, and sold multiple businesses. With strong investor backing and a grant from the Aleo team, we are excited to develop the best privacy-focused wallet possible.


The future of privacy-preserving public blockchains is bright. They have the potential to disrupt existing blockchains as they take all the good yet let users have more control over what they share. Please reach out if you are interested in building with us, being an early user, or believe in a future where privacy is the default.

Waitlist for early access: https://join.leo.app/signup

Website: https://leo.app/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theLeoWallet

Discord: https://discord.gg/BNBzZQAd66

Reach out via email: Barron@leo.app