Balance Pending synchronization

What’s synchronization in Leo Wallet?

When you use Leo wallet, you might notice a banner that says "Balance Pending Sync" and wonder what it means. Synchronization, is just a fancy way of the app checking and updating all the information about your tokens (like Aleo credits) to make sure what it shows you is accurate and up-to-date. Imagine it is like your app is double-checking every corner of a huge, digital ledger (a list of all transactions) to find and confirm your pieces of digital money, and any other owned assets. Because this ledger is massive and your app wants to keep your information private and safe, this process can take a bit of time.

The reason you can see this process happening on Aleo network and not on other usual Bitcoin or Ethereum, is to protect your privacy and make sure no one else can see or access your digital money without your permission. Our wallet does this by looking through all the transactions on its own, without asking anyone else for help, which means it takes a bit longer but ensures that your information stays just with you.